mocombe-fistclenchedIn 1999 as part of his doctoral work, Paul C. Mocombe developed The Mocombeian Strategy and Reading Room Curriculum for the Russell Life Skills and Reading Foundation, Inc., an after school reading and mentoring program located in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  The latter, Reading Room Curriculum, is a reading curriculum of seven books, published as Mocombe’s Reading Room Series, developed by Mocombe based on the theoretical cognitive linguistic assumptions of Noam Chomsky.

Coupled with the reading room curriculum, Mocombe also offers the Mocombeian Strategy as a pedagogical tool to combat the black/white achievement gap. The Mocombeian Strategy (2005), published under the title of the same name, suggests that if the education and professionalization of black American students via education is the modus operandi of American society as opposed to the capitalist emphasis on class, status, economic gain, and upward social mobility, school systems should also invest, in conjunction with the Reading Room Curriculum, in a comprehensive mentoring program that pairs black American students (especially black boys), throughout their academic careers, with educated professionals in the fields of science, mathematics, medicine, teaching, and other professions that require an education.  In other words, by having Standard English speaking educated black American professionals as social role models for young black American students, especially black boys, throughout their academic careers, school systems will be able to combat the affects of the social roles associated with the social class functions of the black American underclass and BEV/AAEV in the society.

This website explores the theoretical origins of, and basis for, Paul C. Mocombe’s (2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012) The Mocombeian Strategy (2005) and Reading Room Curriculum, published as Mocombe’s Reading Room Series (2007), as pedagogical tools available to educators and school administrators for closing the black/white test score gap in the United States.

The website also offers the Reading Room Series Curriculum online for struggling readers who are unable to attend our reading room centers.

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